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Find out how you can onboard 3-5 homogenous premium clients every week as an independent consultant with our consulting growth system©. Dozens of consultants are already using VerDigital to scale their businesses successfully.

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Do you want to be perceived as the expert in your field?

And maybe you are already known for your great work and results among your clients. But now you want to increase your impact and grow your business.

We have some good news: There are many people and businesses out there that need your service. Your knowledge is in demand.

And many of those people are more than happy to pay a good amount of money for it because they need a solution for their problems right now.

The only question: How do you find those people?

This is where we step in. With our step by step Consulting Growth System you will be able to find and convert your perfect customers at scale.

We will remove the “fear of missing out” on the latest trends and give you a crystal clear focus on your objectives.

Combined with our plug and play strategies you can finally focus on the activities that will enable you to achieve your business goals.

See for yourself…


Case Studies

Sirio Sperandio helps businesses with unique products to automate and standardize.

Within 3 months, Sirio has reached the monthly 5 figure mark. He has a constant flow of new leads and knows how to properly convert them to clients.

Carles Garcia from Barcelona, Spain helps manufacturers to optimize their sales and improves their internal processes.

Four weeks after joining VerDigital he already gained several new clients and finished his strongest month ever during a global pandemic.

Sam Williams is helping CTOs to scale their solution with proven AWS frameworks and systems.

Together with VerDigital Sam has started his own consultancy. He was able to close his first 25.000€ client within 10 weeks after joining the consulting growth system.

Here is how it works

We provide you with everything you need to be successful as a consultant.
No fluff – just the right community and instructions so you can implement and grow.

Market your expertise

You will learn how to package your existing expertise in order to attract premium customers that are willing to invest 2.000€ – 40.000€+.

Use our templates

With our plug and play templates there is no need for learning new marketing or sales theory. Simply implement and get results quickly.

24/7 support from our team

Our support helps you with every question and advises you around the clock. For every obstacle you may encounter, we have the solution.

Personalised transformation

Regular 1:1 and group sessions with Nicolas ensure that your plan is executed correctly. Personal commitment helps you to grow continuously.

About Nicolas Verweyen


Nicolas Verweyen
Founder and Managing Director

Nicolas has worked together with 100+ independent consultants to help them grow their business most effectively. Together with his team in Munich he has gathered a very exclusive clientele of self-employed experts in a variety of domains.

Say “Hi” to Nicolas on Linkedin.

These things matter

We will show and teach you the activities that make your business successful.
And which one’s are only shiny objects and a waste of your time and energy.


Successful consultants overcome mental blockages and have programmed their brain for growth. Our surprisingly simple approach will help you get there as well.

Positioning & Offer

Pick the right audience, understand their problems, and craft the optimal solution for them. We are validating the concept and defining the right pricing.

Marketing Strategy

Create a relevant marketing message that gets your audience’s attention. Generate appointments with your ideal prospects. No need to spend money on ads for now.

Sales Process

Talk to prospects authentically, understand their thoughts, handle objections with ease and close the deal (as if you have never done anything else).

Landing pages & funnels

Create landing pages and funnels with our tested plug and play templates. Present your expertise and service professionally. Get relevant inquiries continuously.

Paid advertising

Launch hyper-profitable paid ad campaigns (only if it makes sense!) in order to scale up the business and achieve omnipresence in your market segment.

Your individual growth strategy

For a clear objective, you need a razor-sharp strategy.
We help you by personally consulting you for free.


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About VerDigital

Helping consultants and service providers to grow their business – while taking care of effectiveness and automation.

Based in Munich, Nicolas and his team are working together with clients from all over the world to grow their business. Among their clientele are experts in IT, marketing, HR, sales, management and processes.

With VerDigital and the consulting growth system, consultants are able to get to higher 6 figures in revenue per year, and this is only the beginning.


“The drive behind VerDigital is to enable amazing people to do what they love – and to be highly profitable doing it.”